Peep then leap!

Indian education system was supposed to be one of the greatest in the world!
Of course, with great intellectuals and difficult and different lifestyles, Indian teachers can still shape our system into one of the greatest yet again.
But the question is, Do they want to?
How many of them teach to teach?
How many of them talk nicely with the not-so-notorious back-benchers?
And how many of them try to delve into the lives of the notorious ones and try to understand the reason behind it?

At times,
I can delude you.

Right under your nose.

Despite sitting far away,
I can,
unquestionably answer better than your dearies!

But do you want me to?

Yes! I might be a last bencher.
Peep into my head and you shall see.

                     Orchard crammed with Trees laden by astounding Ideas.

                       Brooks brimming with beliefs building an ocean.

At times,
 I think about things no tutor can teach.

But do you care to care?

Don’t gawk at me with that disparaging eyeball!

I can take your case.
But I don’t really care.

You can fetch me in the front,
                                              fling me out.
                                                                         Forbid me!
But can never prevent me from achieving.
What I deserve to.

Can you try to read me and thus,
Have more faith in me?

Watch out!
                    You’ve got no right.
                                                      To kill my potential.


The End

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