Surprise, I'm pregnant!

"You're a big girl in 8th grade now"

Mommy always told me

But I still always insisted

That I did not need that silly sandwhich

Everyone always made fun of me!!!


So one day I realized

There was one thing better than lunch no matter what

And that was the sweet sleep with a boy

And the fun wrestling under the covers

Oh mommy, my tummy's big now, just like you!


So mommy dearest, I have two words

Surprise, I'm pregnant

Let me burst into verse

Oh dang, that was 3 words wasn't it?

I'm going to need to study math a little harder

Junior high is such a bummer


So surprise mom, I'm pregnant!

And one more thing...

The boy who's daddy to dolly in my tummy

Is one that makes fun of me

As I eat my sandwhich from my papered bag lunch

The End

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