Peanut Butter & Honey Sandwich.

childhood memories of my mom and reflection on sentimental love for her kindness.

It was so nasty. 

burned toast crumbs

stuck in the honey 

and a smeared peanut butter glob in the middle.

You hurried to put it in a plastic bag

so that I wouldn't be late for school.  


and everyone always thought my sandwich was weird,

going "what's that?" and "ew that's gross..."

but I ate it


and even though I didn't particularly love it,

I thought of my mommy

thinking ever so sweetly

"mmm the scent of honey..."

and "peanut butter, yum!"


You always made sure

I was never hungry.

and even when I rolled my eyes at you

because you made me put my money in an envelope or a stupid passport holder,

I knew you were taking good care of me

and I secretly hoped I'd be just like you.


so when you feel 

like you are me

and you are for the first time falling in love or sending text messages,  

Remember, it's true

that I'm you too

and we're in this life together. 

The End

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