You look so inviting

you trickster-

Like you ripened and fell out of an oil painting.

Begging me to taste you at times

and at others, 

just taking a nap.

and when I finally gather strength enough to

rip your skin 

you sting my lips and tongue, shouting, "for shame!"

that I may enjoy such yellow red and golden sunset-in-my-mouth without  thanking the Lord and Savior our God.

and if you don't mind rubbing carpet on your tongue

then you can taste it's juices too

and let it dribble down your tongue

and get your best friend to lick it off.


Slimy, ripe, radioactive

bulging preganant so everyone knows to

wish it "congratulations"

and so arrogantly

giving off the fondest scent.


How many others have you given such painfully dripping wet pleasure?

that stings and wrinkles my nose and makes me crave you all the more??



I'll put you in my bubble bath.

so that when my love kisses my neck

he'll smell your gentle scent,

and forget-

the roughness of my skin.  

The End

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