Peace Within

Allow words never to fall short,
like a stone thrown at the moon;
And find the rhythm to dance,
even if you make-up the tune.

Know well what leads you forward,
and know what holds you back;
Hope nourished gives way to faith,
let it never be something you lack.

Know what lies deep within you,
and fear cannot rule at length.
The internal garden once flourished,
breeds wisdom, understanding, and strength.

Pluck out those weeds that suffocate,
that spread doubt, hatred, and fear.
These are the poisons of deceit,
thorns on a rose that shed a tear.

Hatred doesn’t end with more hatred,
only with compassion and love.
Fear can be conquered by courage,
when heartfelt and not just spoke of.

Remember, life is about the journey,
and not so much the destination.
May yours be blessed with abundance,
of love, faith, and inspiration.

Donald G. Martel

The End

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