Peace After Violence Is Like Being Dead To The Killer

I'm a seargent

back pressed against

A war mess

Bomb threats

Gun sputters spit

Another one of my brothers hit

Sunk in muck

I spin, duck,

And dump lead on a truck recieving luck

Watching the wheels slow

To a stop the driver slumps motionless red

Others climb out enlivened

Scared, fired, burnt, flown in air

Blown apart

I fear

someone is behind me

Turning, looking so frantic

I'm blindly groping for movement


I remember how to roll when ducking

Patrol when reloading my gun

Clicking trigger firing none

Pivoting back and forth

Behind barriers and all sorts

of positions I contort

Killing people like its a game of sport

Pain is good unless its immobilizing

I shot the man who knife stuck me

now I'm sterilizing

The night struck me like a bullet

Because peace hit as quick

The fight was over and won

And felt everlasting like I was dead and done.


The End

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