Paul Walker- Tribute

As a kid we all watched movies that made our happiness grow.
We admired whatever the film had to offer,
And it inspired us to keep watching because we always wanted to know,
Just how the ending will go.

But there's always that one film that I adored above all,
It sparked my interest because it was of my own desire,
A certain passion that became my fire,
Was for speed and love for cars.

I watched The Fast And The Furious,
Immediately it became a film to remember and with each movie they made only made me more curious,
To how the film will progress through each year,
And I feared when its close came near.

I admired Paul Walker for many things,
But not because of his looks or how well be could act,
But his admiration for the fast, and the furious and that was for a fact,
Because, like us, it was his passion and it grew each day,
That speaks louder than words, having so much to say.

There is a quote, that I am unsure that is real,
Of something he spoke.

"If One Day The Speed Kills Me, Don't Cry Because I Was Smiling."

I read it and I always think that if those words came from his heart,
That a part of him probably knew from the very start,
That someday he would be in a fast car,
And maybe the speed would be pushed to far.

But then I think, it was something he loved,
And he wouldn't give it up for anything,
Because that was who he was, a young man with a dream,
And his hopes always floated up stream.
He was an inspiration to many people as they watched him up to his last film and even after,
For his love of cars as he soared faster and faster.

They say death is never the end and with it comes peace,
That you'll forever be remembered for the person you were,
And not because of the events that occurred,
On that dreadful day,
And that in our hearts, you'll forever stay.

And as I watch the candles that burned in that spot for his remembrance,
I can't help but wonder if he sees it to,
About the love that is coming from all of you.
I wonder if the angels sung a sad lullaby,
When it was time for him to say goodbye.

I wonder, if he saw Tyrese as he shed his tears,
For his brother that after noon,
Because Paul, you left a bit to soon.
And as he held that beautiful flower in his hand,
I knew his heart was breaking because you were more than a friend,
You were his family.

You loved fast cars and speed,
And I think that's why I looked up to you,
Because you seemed so wild and free,
You were an idol I wished I could be.

I always had that dream that I could meet you and shake your hand, respectfully,
And tell you how much I looked up to you and admired your work,
That I could have the pleasure to know one of my favorite actors,
And how I watched all of your movies, it was one of my favorite factors.

I knew I would never get the chance but I still hoped,
And when I heard that your were gone,
I cried and all I wanted to do was right this down as a poem or a song.
As you see, I went with poem and even writing this I wasn't very strong,
I still cried.

Just know that wherever you are,
And I know it isn't far,
That you're loved ones miss you and will never forget,
That they had an angel in their life and was proud,
They had no regrets.

Vin Diesel sung a song for you as well,
Because, his heart, to, fell.
And he knew you were listening,
As he sang his pain through words.

I think at the end of furious 7,
He wrote that just for you.
I can't say I knew what he was thinking or how he felt,
But I knew the pain, damage, your passing dealt.


There are no miles to great,
Or distances to far,
Because you were his family, his brother,
No matter if it was off set or setting side by side in a car.

They miss you Paul,
That is clear,
With the form of every tear,
That was shed that day.

A tribute to Paul Walker.

"No Matter Where You Are, Whether It's A Quarter Mile Away Or Halfway Across The World, You'll Always Be With Me And You'll Always Be My Brother." Vin Diesel- Furious 7

The End

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