The distant valleys and pitfalls echo the words of tomorrow,
A distant Sun brightening my distant future,
And the desolated space between then and now,
The emptiness when surrounded by beauty of life,
Impenetrable to the eyes,
Nothing standing in the way,
But nothing.

Patience, a past time which becomes familiar,
More familiar than your distant embrace,
So far away,
And that I need more than patience,
Patience is cold and empty,
While you in my arms would light up my life.

An eastern wind bellows its trumpeting pass,
Through the city's concrete and constructs,
And your whispers of words are heard at last,
In some fraction of what they were,
And the melody fills my heart,
And from these unnatural confines I wish to part,
Run away with me,
Into the jungle,
Into the forest,
Find our own way,
A distance of dismay.

The patience may be cold,
But it's more warmth than nothing at all,
Which I'd have to carry if I didn't have you,
If only you knew,
What I had forgotten before I knew of you...

The End

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