Paths of Nowhere

They ride through marsh and woods

Unknown and untouched by any goods

Through times and times they've been deceived

And this disbelief they've received

These shattered hearts enholds no doubts

Which is why their deeds are of grimmest crafts

Whereto they're heading no man will ever know

And to no woman it will ever show

These hollow wanderers will ever stop their stride

Until a meaning has hit their reside

And to thou who detest their heathen grace,

They shall find their skulls crushed by a silver mace

To no one they will ever speak a word,

For here are none who could ever stand against their sword

These eyes have seen what no man can see,

And ground harder than diamond have scratched the knee

They are warriors, yet the battle has long been lost

What wanders through their minds are the wars they've fought

And their time won't ever come again,

This the new lord made sure, the messenger said

Moloch has already been fead


They have chosen the paths of nowhere

These who leads to no other but a slow, and devouring torture

As a silent moon gazes cold

A gravelroad of ancient bones is but what they behold

The End

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