Pathetic Self DiscriminationMature

I loved you because I knew you’d hurt me
Love? Such a decomposition of menial emotions
Perhaps I appear as fragile or even pretentious
But I wish not to be... it’s not my intention
Every day of darkness and shadows are really
just a blessing
too much happiness can lead to insanity

When innocence is lost it cannot be reclaimed
Instead we are left with a warped perception
of pathetic ideals and blank stares
permeating our memories
more than joyous times could ever hope to prosper

Mr Tortured, Self annihilating asshole
Yeah I wanted to be that person and now I am
I have no right to complain
if anything I should just kill myself and forget
But no
If I was such a person I wouldn’t be alive

Prozac is a glorified drug
dispensed by the carton for all ailments
But it seems more admirable than alcohol
Hell I can make myself exotic
that beautiful dark glamour
so just let me
and I promise I won’t say a word

The End

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