Pathetic Love

Meeting you
Talking to you
Liking you
Loving you.

Looking at you
Studying you
Seeing you
Knowing you.

Knowing you're special
Knowing you're taken
Knowing true love
Knowing true pain.

Seeing you
Seeing me
Telling you
I'm loving you.

Holding you
Touching you
Connecting with you
Feeling you.

I can't loathe you
I can't forget you
I can't be with you
I can't love you.

Seeing you
Seeing me
Telling me
You're loving him.

Watching you
Hearing me
Hating myself,
Weak old me.

Seeing you
Seeing me
Watching you
Killing me.

You and him
He and you
You and I?
Pathetic me.

The End

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