Path Not TakenMature

Wondering where I'm going- never knowing my destination
Being led into a void- never knowing if there is an end
Carrying my heart for all to see- hoping they can somehow feel the pain
Listening to the eternal drone- the voices hiding me from the world
Don't understand the feelings I have- can't see past the wall I built
Just want someone to intervene- catch me before it's too late
Need a beacon to guide me through
Lead me to my salvation- save me from my self destruction
Believe me when I say my soul is in danger
Believe me when I say I can fight no longer
What happened you asked?
Got carried away one day- and never made it back
Still lost...drowning
Can't do this alone- I've tried with no success
Body is aching, yearning, needing
I look in the mirror and see nothing
I open my mouth to speak- no sound
Even if someone heard they would not listen or even care
I should let go-- just fall until I can feel no more...

The End

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