Past is PresentMature

Rape is a hideous crime and in my opinion every rapist should feel and face the same pain they put their victims through. This is the theme for my poem Past is Present.

Rusty nails gouge rough skin.
Blood squirts as they slide through muscle
and tickle your bone.
Quivering sensation of life,
oozing through the punctured veins.

The world around you dims,
faces of the people you once knew quickly fade away.
Your life force diminishes,
due to your selfishness.
Can you feel it?

Remember her broken heart?
You don't do you?
I'll remind you.

Only eighteen,crying
smeared makeup,torn new dress
high-heels broken,tears flowing freely.

Is it coming clear?
Still don't recall?
Let us continue down this horrid path

Cold starry night
every breath fogs the air
you're willing,she is not ready.
Hesitation hovers.
Calloused hands grip her thighs
forcing yourself into her private life.
Her dignity taken with force
struggling to breath
under the weight of your hatred and control.

Sample your history.
Taste your sins.
A destroyer of life deserves this.
Past is present.
Their turn is now.
Can you feel it?

The End

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