Passion's Poison

Twists and turns down an infinite fork road,
Choices chaotically confronting you, increasing your load,
A load one must bare, a load one must cart,
Tempting to choose all roads at once, will tear you apart.

Such is the road of life,
But within that life, part of these roads are strife,
Fundamental, is such a fashion,
That to no exception, is a road of passion.

A balanced beam, the see-saw of morals,
Black and white, fire and light and your heart that quarrels,
To recognise and celebrate benevolent beauty and lasting love,
Or to fall prey to the cheapening and disregard of that sent from above.

A blurry line borders the fates,
Of a heart torn in a slashing of debates,
"Where does this part I play stand?"
"Will my actions leave hearts as mine from my hand?"

Another dimension to the fray,
Some choices you know are astray,
But you simply must follow,
Because otherwise your chest will be hollow.

To live with unpermitted love, the heart will explode,
The torture is needing to love to lighten the load,
But knowing that it doesn't belong in that place,
Leaves the heart strangled by lace...

The End

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