passionated lover

i imagine you lover

still waters

i imagine us

because you matter to me

we are

except a great dane

so respectful for our children

i love you

i can never find the words

i cant even breath

the night has come

and blowing out all candles

a lions den

my first breath

my last

i need to feel the mass

out of this jungle

my mind has created

i am so misunderstood

who wants a women like me

im just a poor fool

a helpless lady

its time to break the ice

 shure little funny mice

nothing to be humble about

protect this bleeding soul

oh poetry

stay away from an evil crowed

i am mystic

show me how

bring this baby out

into a world of miricales

never knowing where to go

i wish for better days

sun shine inside my eyes

feel the earth inside my soul

The End

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