Book Two - Part Two

Book Two - Your Beauty - Part Two - B

Beauty unfading
Brilliance shines out
Bathing in the light you give off
But it hurts, you are so beautiful
Battles galore, I'd fight for you
Bring you the head of whoever you please
Blood sweat and tears I let flow for you
Bleed for the one I love
Beacon shine out to my soul
Beckoning in, I can't stop
Bedraggled I drag myself out of the sea
Become worse in your wondrous light
Beelzebub claim me, if you come to harm
Before I met you, no meaning I find
Belonging to you is my dream
Been in love many times, or so I thought
Because this is so much more
Blend our souls into one
Blessed forever I shall be
By this torrent of flowing passion I stand

The End

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