Passion in your dance.

This wonderful girl that walked in to my life and she has so much pain, yet so much love and I would take all the hurt away.

Golden eyes of the purest riches

A smile that takes my breath away,

A dance she does in my dreams so graceful and unordinary,

She's changing me with every second that passes

I feel like I can be a better man, I'd eat the apple from your tree 

And with every passion filled sway beneath my eyes,

My heart gets heavier 

And I just want to make you smile, because I feel the pain in your heart

How can something be so beautiful, yet torn apart

But you are the beauty I want and I swear with all my heart that the thought of you reminds me to wake up

So let me take your hand and your heart, because in my dreams you dance with passion and sway with love

I will try my hardest to make one again and to see those Golden brown eyes shimmer again

So my hearts under your spell and I thought that you should know that I love you

The End

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