Thy breath is so warm, so beautiful, so erotic

I think if I don’t see you ..I might just go neurotic

Because if love is madness, then you’re the case

I’m lost in your presence spiraling downwards in a crystal maze

Deep into your eyes, like a mirror for my soul

I could forever gaze into them and loose all control

Making love to  not  a physical activity

It is art, passion, music.. it is sublimal poetry

As powerful as Beethoven, as dramatic as Shakespeare

An experience so out of this world ..

Completely intergalactic and explicitly nuclear

Blissful like the morning twilight or the birth of a flower

10 times more powerful than the explosion of a star

The warmth of your body and the softness of your hair

Is like silk scouring through my chest and even as your fingers run over my head

My hands intertwined with like a magnificent metamorphia..

An unbecoming of one and the merging of two …a divine insomnia

It is a sensation so sensual; like it there is no other

Much sweeter  than wine..more addictive than cocaine or marijuana

Never it be my desire to ever leave your side..

 But for the rest of my days

I Pray …My existence remains

 With you my love endless, forever.. until the day I die..



The End

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