A very rough draft of a poem, but unsure what to do with it yet so I decided to post it to get some feedback. I was criticized for not being a typical crazy teenager, and that spurred the poem. Basically, a social commentary on what influences people can be different things.

My passion for life

lies not in illegality,

nor in partying the night away,

losing all sense and sensibility in the process.

My passion lies not 

in doing exactly as they do.

The antithesis actually,

I crave uncharted territory, 

the new and vivid,

bright, bold and beautiful.

My passion for life,

is in living.

achieving my goals, no matter

how completely inconceivable they seem to you.

The impossible made possible through hard work, 

dedication, and stubborn willfulness, which thankfully,

or perhaps not,

I have in abundance.

My passion lies in passion itself.

the drive of ambition,

raw belief fueling each action.

it lies in exactly how I live now.

The End

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