Pass it By

Keeping to a sickening thought
My body lying there with no resemblance
To what used to keep me alive
Don't bother with your sympathy
It's too late

He misses you, they all miss you
So much I can't get my composure
to tell you I am leaving and I ain't coming home
I feel empathy and it begins to kill me
I can't stand it

This is stupid, I want to rewind
the past week so I can undo it all
This is saddening, I want to pass by
the past week so I can undo it all

When I told you...
I felt my chest constricting
Bind me and kick me in the teeth
I felt the poison run through my veins
find me and break my last strand of optimism

Keep it to yourself
You are doing well and you don't need me
So put me
Out of my misery
I may need company
But not that of a person
who just lies to me

The End

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