Pass along a smile.

And actual happy poem XD

I'm going to give you something special.

It's not very big or something you can touch.

But special none the less.

It's a smile from me to you.

I want you to keep it close.

Use it until the day you decide to pass it on,

to someone else who needs it.

If we keep on passing it forward.

And never not once back.

Then maybe it'll reach the end.

And the whole world will smile back.

It'll create a new one.

One that actually belongs to you.

And then you'll feel the joy of knowing.

That someday they will smile really to.

So don't just toss my smile on the floor.

Give it to someone other rich or poor.

I'll know if you kept are deal, 

because eventually you'll give that old smile back to me.

And we'll share the smiles together.

Forever and ever.

The End

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