This poem represents;
The love that only those who are sole mates can feel.
The pain that only death can bring.
The ache of loneliness and the dependence of age.
Our grandparents, parents - maybe us.

Gnarled, wizened, dry aged hands.

Holding tightly to each other.

Checked blanket round their shoulders,

Crochet rugs just cover knees.


Walking frames stand close by,

The only friends here to be seen.

If they could recount the tales they'd witnessed

They would speak of love of which others dream.


Fire in the grate, burning brightly,

Dimmed lights shed a rosy glow.

Haunting music playing quietly,

Telling tales of long ago.


Muffled footsteps tread so softly,

Whispered voices kept very low,

Nurses shuffling rustling papers.

There are no secrets here you know.


Faint weak smiles on faces dancing,

Memories living as they die.

No more pain or sorrow breaking,

Hands now limp and lifeless lie.


Tears shed, a heart is breaking.

Silent moans escape the mouth.

True love will conquer death

As he puts pills in his drink...


The End

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