Parisian Girls Explained

No wonder they look so depressed...

Parisian girls are sad and thin
to American girls' distaste,
who have a joyful spirit,
but covet a Frenchwoman's waist.

"Why don't they eat?
Can't they be happy?
They live in a brilliant city!"
(This is the reason
you have to take pity)

All that I've said
I take back.

I didn't know
till I rattled my bones
down the line 4 
of the metro track

that Parisian girls aren't bored
in fact, no more than us
are they self absorbed.
They frown because they're tired
of constantly being inspired.

There's far too much beauty
abound in the city
too many playful and roving eyes
too many rounding pairs of lips
which curl into a kiss
to ask "mais où?"

They sigh,
refuse food,
they are fair nymphs
stretched along
twisted tree trunks.
They are fluttering doves
trapped on a train.

No, Parisian girls don't suffer
from what Americans know as ennui

They are woefully
lovesick girls.  

The End

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