Parents' Wishes

This poem talks about family issues, crisis between a teenager/young adult with their parents. This poem speaks as a mediator through the hearts and minds of parents who are disappointed with their children, seeing them growing up without life principles and self-control.

I saw you arriving home one time
Tired, stressful, you looked grumpy
Your mother told you to help her in the kitchen
You refused, you shouted at her, you made excuses not to do so
In fact, you hid yourself in your room, sleep or even surfing the net
Your father told you to join him washing his car
You shouted at him, saying that you are not his housekeeper
Do you want to know what did your parents wished for you?
I have always wanted to know what my parents wished for me
How about you?
You are old enough to know, despite you are a baby in that big sized body
Do you want to know?

Your parents wished for you to get out of the house
They are tired with your nuisance
They are tired with with grumpiness
They are tired with you being lazy bump who cares about going shopping and playing games
They are tired with you spending money they gave you for your daily needs
They wished for you to get out as soon as possible
At least, it is lesser burden for them to spend money on you
Because you are a baby in that old, big sized body
You forced them to do everything for you
Washing your clothes, your plates, your pantyhose, your boxers
You even told them to do something at a certain hour
Matter of fact, you are treating them like your housekeeper
Who instructing whom at the moment?
You are a baby, grow up!
Matured people help their parents

Your parents wished for you to earn
Earn for yourself and for your future
Instead of spending their money for shopping
They will jump with joy if you have a job
At least, they could spend their money on electric and water bills
Their debts, vehicle down payments and insurance are totally covered
‘You have the money, spend for yourself, pay for own goods’
They will shout that words to you, in front of their neighbours and friends when you are asking for money
You will find a way of not to spend so much, you will sell your car and hunt for scholarships to further your studies
Maybe if you are married, your spouse will be the victim
I do not think you should do that or else your life would be totally screwed!

Your parents wished for you to appreciate your blessings
They gave you so much, they taught you everything you need to know
Life is a horrendous wave with colours, they come to you when you sleep
There are peaks of problems, those are lessons
When there are peaks of happiness, those are reminder and a lesson
Those are long lasting
Day and night, they pray for God’s blessings and protection upon you
You should be thankful, at least they still pray for you
What if they just left you alone, do you thing by yourself?
You will seek them for sure but they will ignore you
You will cry, carving yourself with knife

Appreciate your parents while you can
You will regret if they are not there for you
Your parents wished for so many good things on you
Do not despise them, they are God’s gift
If you despise them, they will curse you
They are the vines, you are the branch
Honour them as long as you shall live

The End

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