Parasite Paradise

The sickness that ails us and the cure we refuse. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: now in fun size!


Chaos, my constant companion

Its arms wrapped around my neck

Embrace it back, or its hold will prove deadly.


Pestilence, perpetual wounds

Weeping sores, a tireless hex

The medicine is bitter but dispels the pain.


War, thundering toward nullity

Shattering silence, frail bodies

A primal battle for supremacy.


Famine, it lingers ghostlike

Sustenance always abounds

But they hoard it for themselves.


Death: an hourglass, a mercy

Frees both innocents and criminals

Kills the fish and drains the water


Chaos, a parasite's paradise

Sacrificial daggers do no good

Just pull us further into ruin.

The End

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