Paranoid, Me?...Just A Little...

I am the only one in the world who can't stab me in the back,

In every sense of the phrase,

Every single person is out to hurt me,

Emotionally or physically,

I lock myself inside my own mind,

They tell me not to harden myself,

And become one of those people who don't give a damn,

But I do give a damn,

About the people trying to scar me,

I  just let my thoughts eat away at me,

Like a flesh-eating virus,

Everybody is out to get this Nobody,

The loner, the freak, She, Her, Girl,

Labels that I must share with a million others,

While I am patronised, psychoanalysed beyond recognition,

"Don't patronise me!"

"Stop trying to change me!"

Everyone's out to hurt me,

I even find ways to torture myself,

Everybody want to hurt me,

Do You?


The End

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