deep !%@& pops up in my mind from time to time

Most things are in contrast. Most things contradict themselves. Nothing can happen without some consequence, and nothing can happen without being consequence of something else. The only rule that cannot be defied is that any rule can be defied. 

I am a simple person, I am infinitely complex. I am just like everyone else, no one can be like me. I can only show you what you can see and you can only see what I can show you. I believe strongly in freedom, and I believe we are all trapped. I will always want more, want better. I don't really want anything at all. I am an open person but nobody will ever know me. My ability to think hinders me ability to feel as it tells me what to feel, therefore I cannot feel what isn't influenced by what I think. 

Nobody can really own anything and because of that, anyone can own anything. When everything is good, it is a bad thing. When everything is bad only good things can happen. We will never know if things are set to happen because we don't know what happens until it does. 

The End

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