Parade Of The Scarred

It's all about turning your back on something because you feel it is changing you for the worse

I know many despise me for the things that I've done

To stare down glory from the barrel of a gun

I'm nothing but a charred ruin to them

When I placed my feet in the tide and left


But they know my happiness rested not with them

Because every day I knew I was losing my soul

I distanced myself from those I love

I knew I was a cog in the machine

A puppet devoid of basic control


Victory parades in the crisp of autumn

Proudly my family cheer me on

Costumes fitted and metal polished and gleaming

But the nightmares filled the minds left dreaming

Who are you now she asked me once

I looked at my own face, I couldn't recognise myself 


And in the winter I'm left for dead

Kisses turn cold on my lips and I'm broken

My fragile spirit will break once more

As I lose myself to a lust so impure

Another wound my heart can't endure


Now I turn away from glory

Although they may beg me to stay

All of the suffering here I have known

All I want to do is return to my home

Before I break another heart

As well as my own


Curse me, condemn me, because I no longer care

To fight and die for a cause, that's no longer there

Don't ask me to stay, don't ask me to remain

I will not align myself with the broken and crippled

The parade of the scarred and insane

The End

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