Tick this box for us

One or the other

Not difficult

Move on."

Not a blank box

With space to put

What we please

Not a spectrum

Two boxes



Cold as the shoulder given

When I try and explain.

People don't understand

But aren't making any effort

Am I the problem?

I don't have a problem

I am not uncomfortable until

You are uncomfortable. 

Quite the conundrum is it not.

Easy solution

I'll let you figure it out.

These problems do not impede me

They impede you

Knowing not how to treat me

Because I refuse to stick to either box

Am I oppressable? Sure, but you're thinking

You don't want to make the wrong choice

As if these boxes differ from each other

Both are empty squares, easy to fill

Because I do not tick, I am not solely neither

I am both, all, and none simultaneously.

And after all

What's in a box? That which we call a gender

By any other name

Would smell as sweet.

The End

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