Paper Tigers

a poem about thoughts and the mind and how frail we all really are


They seem so intimidating

in he recesses of a mind.

Even out in the world

they seem to have so much power--

they contain the possibilities to conquer

to overcome

to change

to succeed


what if they are paper tigers?

They have no power of their own!

They are only shadows,

by-products of a mind.

And how fragile are they?


Able to be persuaded by

just a moment in time--

a suggestion.

It is frail

can be 

driven to insanity

tripped up

tipped over

simply shifted out of balance

by a slight breeze or

a slight shake

a shudder.

And then the walls

come crashing down

the floors crack

and the mind

suffers from interior collapse.

And if it is from the inside,

how can anything from the outside

every repair it?

The fall of a house of cards--

paper tigers.

The End

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