Here, you whisper,
hand over your pain
I’ll take it
to where
you can

Surrender, you encourage
your broken refrain
so before me
you bow 
down and 

but darling,
oh, dear

you are not to blame
for the weight of the hurt
in your soul

because darling,
my dear

if only you'd hear
how my heart beats
with my love
for a deer

how although you are lost
I am not, and I'm here
until you die

when even then
you'll rejoin me
in the sky

oh darling,
my dear

let go of your fear

and take my hand in yours

and let's

- I knowwww the rhythm and structure and rhyme is all over the place, but I'm at work and distracted (as usual)  by my writing so I can't edit as I've not the time at the moment! -

The End

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