The Stories Have Stolen Them All!

Every love story it's the same old thing
Someone's tuggin' on that poor girl's heart strings
There's a Romeo or maybe Prince Charming
Who has a smile, that's quite disarming
There's a fair maiden or a princess
Who's caught up in a lot of distress
Charming to the rescue, Romeo too!
Whoever's in trouble, they know what to do
Then there's the villain, who really is scary
There's got to be a helper, maybe a fairy
The villain is vanquished, no doubt about that
There never was any need for vicious combat
Now the Princess and Prince ride off in the sunset
Singing the world's most perfect duet
I wonder, oh how I wonder where Charming has gone
For all maidens need a man handsome and brawn
But alas the stories have stolen all the good men
While all the men out here, act like they're ten
I wish and I wish for the stories to be true
So there is a Romeo for me and for you
But again, I must sigh with horrible regret
For Romeo has gone and died for Juliet
And Prince Charming well, let's just say
We found out that Prince Charming is gay
So to all you ladies, who had your hopes high
Write yourself a fantasy, with a really cute guy.

The End

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