Growing Up.

Young and stupid
Is what they say
We knew no better
Believed in our own way
War was nothing more
Than a silly little game
Bullies were people
Who always lived in shame
We stood together
Ever proud and strong
We all had our thoughts
Until they were proven wrong
We never knew  pain
Except for those scrapped knees
We played hide and seek
Hiding between the trees
Torn jeans were an accident
Instead of a famous style
Where frowns were few
And all we did was smile
Streaming tears were rare
As we learned to grow
Mom could fix everything
From cuts to a stubbed toe
The only drug we ever knew
Was medicine that made us better
Where even in the spring time
Mom made us wear that sweater
We were always saying
It'll be better when we're older
But now that I've grown
I noticed people have grown colder
How I long for those younger days
When we always loved each other
Now all we seem to do
Is insult one another
I miss those days of sweet purity
For now our hearts are black as coal
Our brains drained of all thought
Growing up has surely taken it's toll.
Take a moment to remember
All those days that have past
Smile at the memories
Boy, did those days go by too fast.

The End

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