when your world is falling down,

and you can't seem, can't seem

to stand back up-

you're so alone,

and nobody, nobody

can see you.

can see you

as you are now.


and sometimes it's 

best to just forget,

shut out all the pain,

you're so ashamed.

but you are shunned,

in every single way-

words can't-can't-can't

can bring me down.

sharp-tipped poison daggars,

nudging at my side,

coaxing me into

spilling all my secrets.


and sometimes you wonder,

if anyone will ever truly hear you,

listen to your heart,

and feel your pulse beat.

ask if you can hear your own blood

rushing though your ears.

but it's never the way-

i don't seem to know,

the way back,

way back home,

and i can't seem to find,

to find my roof

among others.


and proof is a lie,

evidence a false trail,

leading down a well worn path

of accusations

and intricate conspiracies

come tumbling down-

a glacier surrounded,

surrounded, covered

by ice, small cubes that float,

that float in tandem.

that melts.

that melts eventually,

eventually into water.

The End

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