Panic Attack Poem #5Mature

Short poem about what it's like to have a bad panic attack.
One of the only poems I've written on the topic that doesn't sound TOO whiny or clichéd (in my opinion). :P

It comes on slowly,
Like a domineering fucking wave,
Creeps up behind you and begins to whisper,
And I am alone here,
In a stuffy, sweaty box,
That tastes like blood and feels like someone being skinned alive,
And now I’ve worked myself up,
Like a small child, alarmed and crying,
And it’s coming now, coming for me, I feel it,
It’ll crash over my head, fracturing the skull,
And work its way down to a rapidly boiling stomach,
My chest feels empty but full with something,
That makes you blister when you touch it,
I think I’m going to vomit or pass out,
Whichever comes first,
I’ve already raked grooves in my scalp,
And gotten annoyed,
Just shut up, don’t mention it,
And don’t fucking touch me,
Don’t lay a finger on me,
I’m unclean until this thing finishes its breach.

The End

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