I wrote it after a panic attack at school.

My heads spinning
But I don't dare close my eyes
My hands grasp the edges.
I vomit. Or it feels like it.
But really I'm choking on air
My head is pounding
Heart racing
My hands are shaking that it's impossible for it to be unnoticeable
Yet it is.
Who is looking
No one
Who cares
No one
I feel a tear and I dare not wipe it
If I do hundreds more will fall
That can't happen
Keep your eyes open
The urge to move around
I need to move
If I stay I will choke harder
I slide my chair back
Who looks up
No one
I get up
Who looks at me
No one
I walk to the bathroom
I look in the mirror
Who stares back at me
No one

The End

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