"Pandora's Box"Mature

this is dedicated to a Canadian heavyweight boxer by the name of George "Boom Boom" Chuvalo, who I had the oppertunity to meet in person, his story is one that I shall NEVER forget....a story of how drugs can cripple even the strongest of families.

"Pandora's Box" 
I must go on!  I must be strong! 

Not only for me, but for the four people that drugs have somehow taken from me....My wife who was the love of my life, and my three sons which I loved with all my heart and even more.

And now even after receiving the absolute highest compliment and the accolades from the worlds best fighter pound-for-pound in any weight class I still feel the 






That I feel every second of every

Lonely day.

And although this sure-fire


That is in the ring with me and a true legend and champion outside of it has just said I could and should be

World's Champion


Someday....that's what I keep telling myself.....someday I will wake up to find my wife laying in bed beside me and hear the sound of music blasting every time I walk past all of my sons' rooms



But right now I am a man that is only hanging on by the strings that bind these sixteen-ounce leather gloves to my wrists and hands...how can I continue in the ring? How can I cope with the publicity and training that comes with the 

"Sweet Science" 
of Boxing? 

How am I supposed to deal with these hellish memories and demonic nightmares of loosing the only people that I have ever loved?

Lord, I have but one question, one favor to ask of you...if you really only want what is best for me and my family then how could you unleash

Pandora's Box

upon me and my family?

What are You trying to prove?!?!?
What do You want me to see?!?!?

Please Lord, I am begging you; just give me the smallest indication of your intentions because

I dont' know how much longer I can hang on for
I don't even know how I have managed to hang on for this long!

September 2009   

The End

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