Paltry Verse

First Poem I had to write for my creative writing degree. I have never fashioned myself much as a poet, but given a fresh angle and no muse I created this. I hope you like it, I personally detest it,

Paltry Verse


The King, Regal and indifferent,

Leapt through the window,

Curling, crownless, upon my lap.

He listened,

As I conversed with air,

Purring a rattling drone,

In a very Imperial manner.

He slept,

Through soft, twitchy dreams,

Allowing scribbles and scratches,

Padding and pulling with a potentates paw.

He slept,

Whilst words throatily ebbed, mindless of hierarchy,

Hands ignoring the fur mantle,

He lifted his soot and milk head.

He listened,

Objectively and with monarchical opinion,

Caesar blinked wide jades, and narrow emeralds

Upon hearing my paltry verse.

He nodded,

But I had left him un-fussed, and so in search of tuna,

He left me unfinished,

And whilst I mused upon gravity (or lack thereof)

He supped.

If it were to pass that I could perhaps,

Write verse to move the King,

Then surely the words could touch everyone,

If only lightly.

He ate.

I scribbled.

He left.

The End

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