am i really here? finally,
faces in sunlight, the noise of waves echo.
we hear laughs, fish, a whistle.
birds fly overhead. kites, paper coloured, dance with burdened tails.
sights capture attention:
stirring water, sinuous ripples, sailboats abound.

firmly built castles, sand piled high,
walls surrounding, moat dug deep. a court,
full with creatures.
only they are dukes, courtesans, two jesters.
and King Crab.

childish, really. really childish, crab king.
and jesters, too. courtesans, dukes, are they? only creatures.

with full court, a deep dug moat surrounding, walls high piled, sand castles built.

firmly bound, a boat's sail ripples. sinuous,
water-stirring attention captures sights.

burdened with dance, coloured paper kites, overhead, fly.
birds whistle, a fish laughs.
here, we echo waves of noise.
the sunlight in faces, finally.
here, really, i am happy.

The End

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