Pale Man

Something i wrote a while ago....Enjoy

My dearest friend why are you here

You seem to be at your deaths door

By God you look a fright!

Take no heed to my present look

I am fine I swear!

Walk away from me this night

I do not need your care.

My friend you look so deathly pale

A rope is in your hand

Tell me what is wrong my friend

 For I cannot understand.

I am here to end my life

Here to say goodbye

My wife is why I choose this way

Why I have to die

One night ago I had a dream

About a bloodied face

I woke in morning by that head

And me it went to chase

I slashed it with my battle sword

It screamed aloud with fright

So I picked up my trusty mace

And prepared for the fight

I smashed that head my aim was true

It fell straight to the ground

I looked upon the lifeless corpse

My wife was there, I found

I cursed myself for doing this

Why did it have to be me?

And so I dragged my hand made rope

To this very tree

So this is my story for you my friend

My wife so I did smite

So now I ask you to leave me here

So long and good night

The End

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