Paintings and poems

Suicide girl...

Watch me as I fall,
Flailing madly,
It’s the dance of the damned.

Glee, Glamour of the death.
Beautiful angel, falling from grace.
Towards static fireflies...

Cotton, Polyester, Porcelain angels.
As the air sings in their ears.
Oh, how beautiful....

From a bridge, or a tower.
Heaven’s not enough for them....
Fall, falling for relief....

Granted, life’s best gift.
A graceful end,
Fell eternally for this...

People stare, Reach out their arms.
“My god, help them!”
They are fallen angels.

Dresses floating out around them,
Swans, in best plumage.
Freefalling though life.

Painting the streets red,
Art from art, it seems.
A tragedy in motion.

Swan songs, sang from above.
Cries in the night.
Necklaces, dresses.
Blood and tears.

Why waste lives, Thoughts of men
Who notice them NOW...
Fallen angels. Swans.

Moonlight, Night time.
Gothic beauty.
Passion and bursting hearts.

The art of suicide.
Hair in a tangle.
Now paintings and poems.

Paintings And Poems....

The End

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