Painted Walls

Sleepless nights painted pictures on my walls

Colors somehow colorless and dull.

Covered my bland undecorated room,

My white walls became covered in spots of blue, purple, and green

Until morning came and everything returned to normal.


Tired and haunted by the blues, purples, and greens

I decorate my room with senseless portraits.

Cover the spots the colors collect in,

Cover my sleepless nights

Hoping the frames never fall.


But every night they fall again.

I'm forced to see the haunting hues,

The appalling patches.

I tell myself it's alright

Except white stains.


White stains even darker now;

Soft lavender a garish violet,

Pale blue now deep navy,

And a sickly green.

My portraits fail to cover.


I angle them in different directions,

Filling in one section but missing another.

Struggling to keep the appearance of my room,

Laboring to prove it's okay.

But when you think about it walls don't stain on their own. 

The End

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