Painstakingly Obvious

Well, the poem says it all.

I pick them over,

The words,

The things you've said,

The way they're said.

I see your face,

Your eyes,

Your smile,

So clearly in my head.

This familiarity,



Keeps me more alive, than dead.

The laughs and smiles,

I share with friends,

They cannot compare;

Feel weak.

Next to what I feel,

When I'm with you,

The heart wrenching leap,

The smile from the soul.

To think that I share this,

With you only,

You the object of my affection,

The last thing I can touch.

This secret pain,

I've shared with friends,

But they will never know,

I cover up;

Afraid of truth,

How low you've made me go.

And sometimes,

Late at night,

I imagine how it would be.

If for one second,

In another time,

You'd spend some time with me.

I break and heal,

Without much cause,

And still go round again.

The merry-go-round of love for you,

I pay the fare quite gladly,

But still sometimes I feel adrift,

And alone on this ride with you.

Can't you see my eyes light up?

When catching sight of you.

Don't you notice how I smile,

At the barest encouragement you give?

Or do I fade to the mass of faces,

Surrounding you in your world?

I fight to stay,

I fight to leave,

But the battle is more fierce,

In the fight that forges in my heart.

The one to stay near you.

This poem may not rhyme or flow,

It may not be correct,

But the words I speak are true enough,

They speak of my heartbreak over you.

You'll never read this.

Never feel,

How I felt as I typed.

But sharing how I feel for you,

Helps lift the pain somewhat.

I can't explain in mortal words,

Quite what my heart has said,

But this I know without a doubt;

I am, in equal measure,

Better, and worse, for the existence of you.

The End

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