I wrote a part for you in my life.

I want you there, but you wouldn't stay between the lines.

My words are bending, slowly curving around you.

And somehow its all ok.



One day

One day draws achingly near

Where we will be at the crossroads

Where you’ll ask me what do I mean to you

You’re my painkiller



You take it all away

Without leaving me numb

Or bare naked

I feel light

I feel light

I feel light



Your everything to me

It’s difficult to say even when it was so easy to realize.

Is love vulnerability?

Demanding to be cut wide open.

Just to show that your heart is fearless?

I've been held back so many times in my life.

I've let limitations be my dogma.

But no more, not when it comes to us.



I've given you a name.

Something out of our secert language.

Makes me feel like you belong to me.

Not like a possesion though.

More like an ideal.

Something you feel. Something you stand for.




The End

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