Painful Illusion

Written when i was a bit sad.

It is all sunshine and glitter,

It is a world where roses never whither.

This is a pretty fantasy land,

I’m sure you’ll all contend.


But what you see is only a disguise,

Suppressing what would have been otherwise.

These are alternative rosy glasses

To hide the ever mounting sadness.


The fantasy only serves to intensify

A reality that weighs down like the sky,

A tortured soul that seeks to be free,

A tiny drop of salt that holds so much of me.


The illusion is all consuming,

The darkness is relentlessly torturing.

Trapped in spiraling despair,

Carrying all the weight that I can bear.


If only fantasy was reality,

Then the pain would all be history,

But so would my sea of treasured memories,

And the grains of salt that my soul carries.

The End

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