Pain and Fear

habitually we are dealing with a lot more pain and fear caused by your life circumstances and situation, we are always trying to rid ourselves of these seemingly destructive entities... why don't we just walk alongside them as we do with our friends... acceptance of all parts of life

I’m stained

Peeling like a tree

Getting rid of this season

To know just who I’ll be

I’m cut

Broken apart potholes

Making way for new color

I need to open up and let it all out

I’m faded

Worn like ruined buildings

Pushing fences away

To release the gripping killer’s sway

I’m dropping

Down unstable rusty scaffolding

Upholding all that I hold dear

To not lose touch of pain and fear

Walking with me down the street

Covered in smog and snow

Hiding her face

No shoes on her feet

She pulls at me softly

With a voice timid and weak

The End

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