Hurt will only come when happiness doesn’t work

Whoever knew you’d be the one to leave

I guess I’d rather feel this pain than nothing at all

Wounded and damaged but I learn and I help others

Helping…something you never did

Pain with love is the best damn rough thing

Better than misery

Bitter anger and agony never letting me go

There’s going to be nothing left

Sickened from feeling so worthless and less than vermin

Why can’t I find a limit?

I just can’t stop, never have had enough

This pain, internal and external is addicting

Rather have this torture than nothing at all like a hollow shell

Dear agony doesn’t let go

It forces me to suffer slowly

I have no reason to feel sorry for myself

Love pulls people down

Hate will always life people up

I guess this is how it has to be everyday

The End

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