Pablo had the Right Idea

after Pablo Neruda's "Verbo"

I am going to take this word

and wrap it around your neck.


I am sick of it hanging

too long unnoticed,

like that strand of cobweb

       dangling from the ceiling above your head.

I want you to feel the word

As I feel it.

The coarse fibers that stick

and cut into the small lines of your hand.

The silent strength that awakens

As it pulls taut.

And the subdued colors

Shimmering and morphing between the strands

         When you twist it in the light.

If I cannot use this word

To throw to you, to pull you

out of the muck, instead

I will wake you from your sleep

gasping for air,

clinging to it as the ground

            falls out beneath your feet.

The End

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