Drowning near the cliff overlooking the sea

I didn’t anticipate that you’d try to flee

I search around, frantic, trying to find you

Trying to figure out how this could be true

But my heart fills so slowly with water

Making this all impossible to squander

I’d said I’d go, if we had both agreed

And I chose to give you the lock and key

So as I struggle now, attempting to reach

I feel you here holding me like a leech

Pulling me further down into the abyss

Sealed tightly shut with your delicate kiss

And I know that you are not to blame

But I wish that things were just the same

Your honesty is something I have admired

So it hurts to know that you are a liar

But warmth that once engulfed my moves

Is holding me hostage between the grooves

I search for a rope that perhaps you left

As my body continues, so utterly bereft

The waves, they come and hit me again

Since clearly I had not been ready then

With the distance, I thought we’d survive

Please, this cannot be impossible to revive

Just look at my heart as it fights to be free

Drowning near the cliff overlooking the sea.

The End

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