Overlooking the Sea

Jump, what have we got to lose?

Standing on a cliff overlooking the sea

Our hands tremble in cold anxiety

We sigh and look at the depths below

Trying to predict the future as it flows

As the waves crash and the sun burns

Our hearts still continue their precious yearns

Your eyes match the beauty of the distance

Being crushed so deeply with our persistence

I go if you go, and so we both agree

That I’ll give you my heart’s lock and key

If we both jump, as one, together

We’ll fly in the air, light as a feather

Until we’re submerged, at first chilled

But soon our hearts will simultaneously fill

As warmth engulfs my every move

And every sound you utter will be to soothe

So jump, let’s go, what have we got to lose

It’s not like we’re even able to choose

Just rejoice in our sweet naivety

Buried in our deep hole of novelty

We jump, with our hands still interlocked

And splash into the sea, avoiding the rocks

Swimming in our abyss of innocence

Warmth now here in dominance

Both our hearts now totally free

Leaving the cliff overlooking the sea

The End

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